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Sunday 9 th November Rememberance Sunday

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1Sunday 9 th November Rememberance Sunday Empty Sunday 9 th November Rememberance Sunday on Sun Nov 09, 2008 12:57 am

Pat P.

Pat P.
Hi Gang.
Today is Rememberance Sunday so today at 11.00 a minute of silence to remember the ones who fought for us.

Well I cuttlebugged till I couldn't rotate that little handle anymore yesterday. LOL I am not sure what it is but there is something quite therapeutic about that little green machine. LOL I have a bit more to do and Brian will want to take a walk today too. So guess that will cut into cuttlebug time. LOL

Meg, I haven't made that soup recipe, but today I may give it a go. I have been thinking of it and really want to give it a go. I bought some butternut squashes on sale the other day so I can. Smile

I hope everyone has a really super day and I will try to get back on later. Smile

Mary, have you tried Merchant Gourmet's website? They have a few chestnut recipes on there. Which reminds me I must pick some chestnuts up sometime soon. Smile I just love them.

Big hugs all have fun!!! I will be in the next room churing away. LOL

2Sunday 9 th November Rememberance Sunday Empty Sunday 9th November on Sun Nov 09, 2008 1:46 am


Dear Pat.
Let me know how the soup is, I have not made it yet.
Went to the chiropracter, he was able to help me, but said it could takeup 10 weeks, 5 th week now.
Last open day yesterday morning. the Auction on Friday the 14th. Surprised if it sells, people would like it but they want it for a lot less than it is worth.
Pat I still not get into chat, what ever I do it says I am diconnected.
Hope you all have a god day. Meg

3Sunday 9 th November Rememberance Sunday Empty Re: Sunday 9 th November Rememberance Sunday on Sun Nov 09, 2008 1:59 am


Hi Pat, Meg and everyone Smile

That soup sounds good

4Sunday 9 th November Rememberance Sunday Empty Re: Sunday 9 th November Rememberance Sunday on Sun Nov 09, 2008 3:19 am


Morning all.
The cuttlebug upstairs has had a rest recently but it's due a throrough workout - hopefully today, but if not, then tomorrow.
It's one of those days where's lots to do and I don't know which to do

Better make a start.

Back later, folks.

5Sunday 9 th November Rememberance Sunday Empty hello all sorry bad spelling no spell check on Sun Nov 09, 2008 6:22 am


hi gang pat i have a cuttlebug looked away but i was cleaver as i have lots and lots of diys and embossing plates that i had sent streight to patk as we share them she sends me a sample of every diy we have between us. which i put in a folder and when i want some cut i just tell her the no and send her the card and she cuts them for me in fact she does the hard work when my craft cupboard and room are back together she will just post the diy back to me rick made me leave them to her in my will lol in fact i think the whole craft room will be going her way and if rick had his way it would be tomorrow lol but no hope there lol Meg thanks for the recipe i made the pumpkin soup i used sweet potatos its great i often make a wild mushroom and chestnut soup take any good cream of mushroom soup recipe and blend in some cooked chestnuts to taste , spent most of yeaterday with legs up watching old films and createandcraft tv have spent a fourtune again and will have to hide it all before rick sees it i had to get the basics as i cant get to any thing and i need to craft igot some crsft cds as i can take them up to ricks mums and print things of when i need them trouble is i need nearly every cd when i saw them atleast he cant moan they dont take up any space i have moanes so much about not having any thing to craft with i think thats why he is getting me the lap top lol just to shut me up well he would not let me use his as he was always doing his work on it and he has a a3 laser printer at his mums i think they are good who can say lol today i am going to be good and just write a list of every thing i want and will use unlike the robo cutter that never saw the light of day atleast it went to a good home and is used so dont feel bad about spending all that money on a whim i will stick yo old fashion things i no and leave the hi tec stuff well alone lol big love to all marc ps sorry about spelling but as an old friend of mine always said no one ever put their hand up my drees and asked for a libary card lol big love marc

6Sunday 9 th November Rememberance Sunday Empty Re: Sunday 9 th November Rememberance Sunday on Sun Nov 09, 2008 7:04 am


Mushroom and chestnut soup sounds good, Marc.

I've prepared and frozen some chestnuts.Phil's had quite a few roasted (I'm not too keen) and I'm putting some in various casseroles. We've also given some away.The 'native' ones which we collected are a little smaller than the imported ones but they still have a good taste.

MAC have got a good sale on at the moment some of the papers which should be £3.99 are now in their pound shop and I got a lucky dip bag which had lots of goodies


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