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Meg's Pumpkin Soup Recipe

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1Meg's Pumpkin Soup Recipe Empty Meg's Pumpkin Soup Recipe Fri Nov 07, 2008 1:17 am

Pat P.

Pat P.

Cook Time: 1 hours, 15 minutes
1 1/2 - 2 Pound Fresh Pumpkin, seed and skin removed, diced
1/2 Pound Yukon Potatoes, peeled and diced
2 Tablespoons of Fresh Ginger, minced
1/2 Sweet Yellow Onion, sliced thin
4 Cups Vegetable Stock or Water
1/4 Cup Orange Juice
1/2 Cup Cream Sherry
1 Cup Heavy Cream
2 Tablespoons Butter, unsalted
4 Ounces Gruyere Cheese, grated, for garnish
Heat the butter over medium heat in a large heavy pot. Add the onions and cook until soft and translucent (about 10 minutes). Add the pumpkin, ginger, and potatoes. Cook for another 3 minutes.
Add the stock or water, orange juice, and sherry. Bring mixture to a simmer and cook until pumpkin is soft and easily pierced with a fork (about 1 hour).

Transfer mixture to a blender or food processor and puree until smooth. Transfer back to the pot and stir in the heavy cream. Season with salt and pepper.

Sprinkle Gruyere over individual portions and serve with a hearty

2Meg's Pumpkin Soup Recipe Empty Re: Meg's Pumpkin Soup Recipe Mon Nov 10, 2008 1:18 pm

Pat P.

Pat P.

I tried this today and it was gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Meg!!!! And I have enough for lunch tomorrow too. Smile

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