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December 18th Thursday Only 1 week left!!!!

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1December 18th Thursday Only 1 week left!!!! Empty December 18th Thursday Only 1 week left!!!! on Thu Dec 18, 2008 1:26 am

Pat P.

Pat P.
Good morning/day/evening all.

Ohhhhhh Mary, I hope you don't have this bug. Big hugs, Keep warm, drink lots and lots and lots. Best I found to help was some black currant squash hot and cold. And Tunes as they are sugar free. The other cough sweets give me tooth aches.

Hope you all are doing well. The bug is still hanging on here. So plan to take it easy again today and maybe do a bit of baking. I did sleep in till 7.30 this morning. And still half asleep now.

Tiggy is still doing well. Brian tried to get him some slugs yesterday and we aren't sure if he ate them or not. LOL If not they are in the bin with his old bedding. LOL

Well off for another coffee.... I must be feeling better as I have only been having one of late.
Big hugs and hope you all have a super day.
Patxxxx I love you I love you I love you

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